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Working for the Izzies....

Sue Li Jue has been selected onto the selection panel for the Bay Area Dance Awards (formerly the Isadora Duncan, "Izzie" awards) for 2007-08. This means a BUSY year attending many dance concerts to see the fantastic scope and breadth this vital dance area has to offer, as well as keeping up with the artistic happenings of FEDM. The beat goes on.

Adam Tow's photos of Facing East in performance

Newly married to FEDM dancer, Rae Chang, Adam Tow has photographed many of FEDM's performances with an artistic and very capable eye. Please check out his site! Adam Tow's website

Review of Rice Women

Yafonne Chen reports on Facing East's debut program Review of Rice Women.

Interview with the Artistic Director on the making of "Held So Close"

Sue Li Jue speaks with Joyce Nishioka Interview about Held So Close from Asian Week.

Review of The Nature of Nature (2001)

The Daily Californian has Review of The Nature of Nature from when the show first ran.

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