Colleen Quen

Colleen Quen, costume designer, is inspired by nature, colors and architecture. Quen passionately creates gowns using true French couture techniques taught to her by Simmone Sethna, her Paris/San Francisco mentor for two arduous years. Quen takes 36 measurements for each of her clients and begins sketching, calculating body proportions like a skilled engineer, while connecting with her client at an emotional level is always at the heart of her work. Over recent years, Quen’s work has gained significant recognition among San Francisco’s elite and across the country, having been nominated as one of the top five evening wear designers from nominees around the world in the International GenArts Styles 2002 Competition in New York. In addition to designing for San Francisco’s elite at Opera and Symphony seasoning openings and dressing stars for the Oscars, her modern and dramatic approach to fashion has led to commissions by Alonzo King’s Lines Ballet and Sue Li Jue’s Facing East Dance & Music.

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